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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Gaming Limbo

Lots has been going on lately, forcing me to cancel my normally-running Thursday-night Onn game last week and this week and to miss the 1st session (and probably 2nd session as well) of a new 3.5-with-a-retro-feel campaign being run by my buddy Bart (which I am so looking forward to because his last campaign was something us old-times still talk about and it's been something like over a decade).

The Thursday group Sirac Point campaign has been put on indefinite hiatus, running a higher level game has opened a door I was waiting for those characters to level up high enough for me to do: Run some Expert-level D&D modules that I've had forever with World of Onn. Eventually when I get back to gaming, hopefully next week, we're going to be playing the Desert Nomad series X4 and X5. I'm not sure about running X10 since it contains all elements Mystara and may take too much to convert to Onn.

Man am I looking forward to this!


John said...

I sense fun a foot!! :-)

James Bobb said...

I'm hoping so. I played through these mods years ago, but never had the pleasure of running them.

John said...

I know how you feel. I wanted to run RA just because it was fun even, though we were tricked into an area none of us could've reasonably survived. I just hadn't learned enough about D&D to effectivly run it with everyone over the starting level. :-X