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Friday, May 07, 2010

Divine Disciple

Several times in my games players of Clerics have asked if they could use the holy energy of 'turn undead' to accomplish other things. In 3rd edition, this is commonly encouraged by the taking of various 'divine feats'. Since Onn uses no such 'modern' system, I've winged it and allowed various (minor) effects from time to time, since in my estimation, a Deity provides what (it) feels his faithful needs to accomplish their tasks of providing worship and attracting prestige, wealth and new followers.

Since Onn only allows for limited turning attempts in a single day (2 to 5, based on the Cleric's Wisdom adjustment), I thought a spell appropriate to define what else a Cleric can do with this ability. The effects are minor, especially since it effectively allows for a variance of effects and grants additional powers to a powerful class already, but they are useful, especially to a Cleric of 3rd level or higher who has some spell slots to play with.

Divine Disciple
Spell Level: Cleric, 1st Level
Range: Self
Duration: 48 turns (8 hours)

Divine Sacrifice allows the Cleric to put the holy energy his Deity provides for his ability to Turn Undead to other uses. After this spell is cast the Cleric can choose what effect his use of each individual turn undead attempt will have (if he chooses not to actually turn the undead):
  • All allies in the area of effect are healed 1 hit point (dying allies are treated as if they succeeded at their System Shock roll for the round).
  • The Cleric can affect Demons and attempt to exorcise them as a Divine Champion, but at half his Cleric level.
  • Clerical wards and sealing spells / effects can be destroyed with the same chances as dispel evil, but at half the Cleric’s level.
  • A turn attempt can be used to augment a healing spell immediately cast after it, increasing the effect of the healing spell by +50%.
The Referee may decide that other uses may be possible as well, at his discretion.

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