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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Transmute Flesh to Shadow

Transmute Flesh to Shadow*
Spell Level: Illusionist, 6th Level
Range: 20 ft
Duration: Permanent

When cast, if the victim fails a Toughness saving throw he becomes a shadow in all respects but he retains his armor class, hit dice and hit points unless those of a shadow are better. He will resemble his former self, even using shadow versions of his weapons and armor (these do not affect the combat statistics of the shadow).
The reverse of this spell, transmute shadow to flesh, will restore a transformed victim back to normal, or can be used to transform a shadow creature into a flesh and blood creature of a kind closely resembling the shadow with a failed Toughness saving throw (Flesh 'Shadow' - AC 7[12], HD 3+3, Att claw (1d4+Str drain), Save 14, Morale 7, MR Nil, Special strength drain, Move 120 ft (40 ft), CL/XP 4/120). In either case, if a System Shock saving throw is failed, the victim recieves 6d6 points of damage from the transformation.

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