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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shadow Bolt

Illusionists dabble in more than merely the mind - they depend wholly on as much local conditions as much to produce magical effects that seem believable so their opponents believe they are real. Some of their magic comes from places and planes of eternal twilight and shadow however. Because they access these planes moreso than a Magic-user manipulates the Ether, they can turn seemingly innocent or harmless things into semi-real and highly dangerous things.

Shadow Bolt
Spell Level: Illusionist, 3rd Level
Range: 40 ft
Duration: Immediate

When cast, the Illusionist throws a crackling bolt of charged shadow energy 30 ft in length that follows the same rules as per a lightning bolt with respect to obstructions. Victims in the path of the Shadow Bolt recieve 1d4 points of shadow energy damage per level of the Illusionist and are blinded for 1d4 rounds. Victims succeeding a Toughness saving throw recieve half damage and are blinded for 1 round.


Kurt said...

This seems a little weak for a 3rd level spell. The range and damage seem closer to a 1st level spell, or perhaps a 2nd.

James Bobb said...

Illusionists aren't meant to be "damage dealers of another type", so while they can produce some combat-like spells that seem like familiar damage-dealing spells it just doesn't pack the same punch. The additional effect of blindness as well figures into the spell's level of difficulty.