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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Welcome to Onn

Welcome to the World of Onn! This is a new endeavor for me, this whole blog thing. I’ll use it to promote my game, Swords & Wizardry and comment on things I see around. Mind you there’ll not be anything as insightful as many of the other blogs with roots in the history of RPGs will offer, but this place is my slice of pie, as it were. I’ll offer my own perspective on some things and as time allows some new gaming tidbits like magic items, monsters and the like to share with you all.

On to the promotion part of this message:

My work on World of Onn: Supplement I for Swords & Wizardry Core Rules was more a labor of fun than anything else. I mainly did it for my home group and wanted to share what I had. The response was overwhelming (from my perspective of not expecting anything more than a blip on the radar) and I felt that as a general product I rushed it out and it didn't really convey the setting. My players know the history, get immersed in the culture, but none of that really got to come out in the supplement for players that never experienced Onnthrough one of my sessions. This time around I plan on trying to get it 'right' and I'll be sharing alot more of my gaming past for everyone (and anyone) that is interested.

In Winter 2009, The World of Onn will be moving into its own ruleset, based on the award-winning Swords & Wizardry rules and will remain compatible (with the first 3 printings of S&W at least) while adding rules for more advanced play. World of Onn: Core Rules will contain all of the player's information for Races, Classes, Equipment, Combat and Spells; the Referee's sections contain tips for keeping play running smoothly, creating adventures and random tables for generating wilderness encounters, dungeons, treasures and monsters; finally there is an Atlas section with an overview of the major lands of the continents of Ossus and Var-Ultar. The Core Rules will cover the most commonly played levels in fantasy gaming (1st to 15th).

In Spring 2010, the World of Onn: Companion Rules will release. Covering play for 16th+ levels it will have higher level spells, more powerful monsters, rules for ruling domains/dominions, mass combat and information for Referees how to challenge powerful characters without turning to 'saving the world' on a weekly basis.

Summer 2010 will see the release of WOS1: Tales from Sirac's Point, a sandbox-style adventure centered around the freeport of Sirac's Point.

Fall 2010 will see the release of WOM1: Citadel of Ash, a megadungeon style adventure set on the eastern edge of the Great Waste in and under the ruins of the Citadel of Ash, a hulking stronghold left over from the Zuhn Empire.

Calendar Year 2010 will see the release of five standard, stand-alone adventure modules for the World of Onn (WO1, WO2, WO3, WO4, WO5), titles to be announced.

All of the modules and adventures will be Swords & Wizardry-compatible, and largely compatible with any Original Edition, Basic or Expert-Level games.

At some point before the end of June should also (hopefully) see Supplement II for Swords & Wizardry released. Simply an update of the new material in the WoO:CR, I want to continue supporting the base that got me to decide that sharing is more fun than hording (unless we’re talking gold pieces, hording them is a lot of fun!).

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