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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Regis' Teleportation

One of the longtime players and Referees that I've gamed with was a fellow named Scott Scallorn. Over the years he's moved away and back, fronted for bands, managed (and turned around) some venues in York and has kept a busy and interesting life. Because of his many commitments, his ability to solidly make most game days was limited at best and the running joke was that he was in the Player Bag of Holding (this was long before the Gamers made the gag a a bit of visual fun with the Paladin just standing in every scene). Basically the Player Bag was always part of the group's inventory. They couldn't store anything in it, but if a player couldn't make a game, his character went into the bag and was always safe from harm. If a TPK happened, the next time the player showed up he would be safe and be given a few different options. Anyway, Scott had grown fond of his Magic-user named Regis and whenever he could play (which by this time was once in a blue moon) Regis would just appear. Now, Regis was a Forgotten Realms character (by description only really), and whenver he would appear he would always ask "Is this Daggerdale? Am I near Daggerdale?" and if he knew any of the PCs from actual past adventuring he would be invited to join the group. If not, he would introduce himself (in the most flamboyant manner possible, and let me tell you, Scott was flamboyance in action and great entertainment at the table) and petition to join the group until he made enough gold and added a story or 2 to his memiors and would be on his way. After a while the group adopted Regis' Teleport without Destination as a way to get an experienced PC into a group they had never adventured with before and now I'll share his little wonderment of magic with you:

Regis’ Teleportation
Spell Level: Magic-user 4th Level
Range: Touch
Duration: Immediate

This spell functions like the teleport spell, but without any chance of arriving too high, too low or being lost, or exact control of the destination. This spell will deposit the targets 1d100 miles away from any desired destination and blindly teleporting with no destination in mind lands the targets 1d100 miles away from the location teleported from, most of the time.

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