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Monday, December 21, 2009

Revised Spell: Bless

For Onn, I revised the Bless spell to provide more functionality for Clerics when facing Lower Planar monsters, aka Demons. Since my 'Paladin' class, the Divine Champion, uses the Clerical spell list as well, it made sense to grant a spell that can temporarily allow the recipient to combat the denizens of the Lower Planes without making a glut of spells that have merely one function but are totally related.

Spell Level: Cleric, 2nd Level
Range: Only upon a character or weapon not in melee combat.
Duration: 6 turns or 1 turn

This spell grants its recipient a +1 to attack rolls (and improves morale, if the recipient is not a player character). Alternatively, the caster may elect to affect a group of allies within 10 ft for a shorter duration. The recipient(s) cannot already be in melee combat when the spell is cast.

This spell can also be used to bless a weapon, granting it a +1 bonus to hit and giving it the blessed damage type, lasting 6 turns.

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