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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Art for the World of Onn

While I finished up the text portion of the World of Onn: Core Rules before the Holidays began, Kimberly was finding it difficult to make the time to work on her commitments, since she had standing holiday commitments to meet as well I told her to relax and work on what she could when she could. While her art for the Supplement I project was very primitive, she has done good work in other types of art and I felt she would settle into fantasy/fantastic pictures as she worked on them. I have to admit, I liked the 'second generation' drawings she created, most of which were used in Supplement I.

Now I have the second drawing of what I call her 'thrid generation' of work, a picture I call 'Elven Spellblade' due to where it will be placed in the WoO:CR book. I'm so impressed with it, you can see it on the sidebar to the left. Unfortunately this means that I'll be leaving the primitive behind, but hopefully this is the level of detail she settles on, as I don't want to leapfrog into the 'techno-grunge' of the more modern versions of fantasy games.

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