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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thaumaturgic Circle

Thaumaturgic Circle
Spell Level: Magic-user, 5th Level
Range: 30 ft
Duration: Special

This spell has three applications, chosen at the time of casting:

~ If cast onto a prepared thaumaturgic circle, the caster can summon a planar creature of not more than 1 HD per 2 levels he knows the true name of and hold it powerless inside the circle for up to 1 day per level. When initially summoned the creature gains an Ego saving throw and magic resistance check and if either is successful the summons fails.

~ If cast onto a prepared Thaumaturgic circle, the caster can erect an impenetrable ward and then cast a summoning spell, placing the creature inside. This application lasts as long as the summoning spell.

~ If cast and then immediately followed with as summoning spell (such as monster summoning or conjure elemental), creatures summoned in this manner are more powerful types of their kind, gaining a +2 bonus on to hit rolls, damage and saving throws as well as +2 hit points per Hit Die and the duration of the summoning spell is doubled.

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