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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Carrion Worms

Now of course you can't have a low level game without familiar catepillar-like, tentacle ringed mouth monsters that climbs walls and eats whole parties at once. For the World of Onn, an old favorite, with a slightly new take.

These odd creatures resemble a 10 ft long armored and segmented caterpillar. On the monster’s head are two large black eyes and a beak surrounded by six long tentacles. Carrion worms inhabit deep places and popular ruins, places where animals and people die frequently so they can feed off of the corpses. A carrion worm has no qualms about killing for its meal either and will attack groups of smaller creatures in the hopes of securing something to take to a safe place and let ripen for feasting on at a later date. In combat the carrion worm lashes out with its tentacles. The tentacles are covered in a slimy substance that causes paralysis to those creatures struck (Toughness saving throw negates), so they are rightly feared by those that know of them as well. Sages suggest these creatures were once one of the experiments of the ancient Zuhn Empire in their magical laboratories.

Carrion Worm (L)AC 5[14]; HD 4; Att 6 tentacles (1 hit point + paralysis); Save 13; Morale 7; MR Nil; Special causes paralysis; Move 120 ft (40 ft); TC A; CL/XP 6 / 400


Daddy Grognard said...

Okay, no-one call their character Lumpy.

Word verification - spooker (really!)

James Bobb said...

Ok, I'm almost afraid to ask, but who or whom or what is Lumpy?