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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Asarlai (Character Race)


Long ago the Asarlai were human, before the Fire in the Sky decimated Onn. After the devastation some monsters, such as lycanthropes, thrived in the aftermath due to their resistance to physical damage and the sudden rarity of humans and other races wielding magic and weapons that could harm them. Of the few Humans on the continent of Karsin that survived the cataclysm, lycanthropes hunted them down mercilessly and left none alive or unchanged when they were found. In the millennia since when human explorers from Var-Ultar landed on Karsin’s shores they found cities of men with an advanced society under the banner of a nation called Asarlai. To these new visitors the Asarlai were just another race of Men, but in a relatively short time it was revealed that the Asarlai were the descendants of the lycanthropes that ravaged Karsin. Their ability of a full animal transformation had been long lost through the centuries as the bloodlines intermingled, but they retained an animalistic quality and could perform a minor transformation to bring the traits of their ancestral animal line out. Rumors speak of Clerics of Dalamon that retain their ability to fully become animal still, but they are unproven to the world at large.

Most Asarlai worship Dalamon Wolf-Mage, an ancient hero, as their race’s savior from the Bloodline Wars. When the lycanthropes noticed the ancestors of humans-turned-lycanthrope from after the cataclysm were losing their ability to transform, many decided to purge those weaker elements from existence. Due to the hero Dalamon’s leadership and personal efforts (as the Asarlai historians record it), the lycanthropes were nearly annihilated and the Asarlai settled into an advanced nation who now trade briskly with the Empire of Ankh-tor and are only beginning to set their sights on trade with the ports on Ossus’ shores.

A character must have at least a 9 Constitution to be an Asarlai.

Favored Class: Asarlai have unlimited advancement in the Druid and Ranger classes.

Damage Reduction: Due to their lycanthropic heritage, Asarlai have Damage Reduction 0+ Constitution adjustment (minimum of 0) / silver.

Nightvision: Asarlai can see up to twice the distance as a man in low-light or torch/lantern-lit conditions.

Animal-like Senses: Asarlai have a keen sense of smell and hearing. They gain a +2 bonus to any rolls to detect creatures or objects by their scent and when listening for noises.

Animal Form: Asarlai are descended from a type of lycanthrope and can take on the physical qualities of their ancestor animal for a short time (1 turn + Constitution adjustment). At the end of the transformation the character is treated as if exhausted. When the character is created the player selects one of the animals from the list below and when he transforms he takes on a humanoid form with his ancestor animal traits.

Bat - The descendants of were-bats can glide short distances (20 ft) as part of their movement and gain echolocation 60 ft (the ability to sense their surroundings through ultra-high frequency sounds).

Bear - The descendants of were-bears gain a bite attack (1d6+Strength adjustment) and a +2 bonus to any climbing checks.

Cat - The descendants of were-cats gain two claw attacks (1d3+ Strength adjustment) and can leap 20 ft once per 5 rounds if unencumbered.

Rat - The descendants of were-rats gain a bite attack (1d3+ Strength adjustment) and 2 claw attacks (1d2+Strength adjustment).

Shark - The descendants of were-sharks gain a bite attack (1d6 + Strength adjustment) and a +2 bonus to any swimming skill checks.

Wolf - The descendants of were-wolves gain a bite attack (1d4+ Strength adjustment) and a -1 bonus to initiative checks.

Languages: Asarlai speak common.


Dalamon WolfMage said...

AWESOME! Love the write up. Dawn of Worlds allows for some very interesting possibilities.

James Bobb said...

Yeah, I think it's a kick-ass game. We're gonna have to play it sometime soon again.