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Saturday, April 26, 2014

New Campaign 2014 begins...

Tonight began a new campaign for my World of Onn group. We've been playtesting the 2nd Edition for about a year really hard and 99% of the Player's Handbook is locked down now, it was time to run the system in a different game world and see how it holds up. For the time being I'm leaving the game world unnamed as some of the players aren't familiar with it and I'd like them to enjoy discovering it through play.

The new group consists of:

  • Autlyn, a female wood elf Fighter
  • Basia, a female hin (halfling) Fortune Hunter
  • Mendibium Mindbender, a male gnome Psychic
  • Rinvon, a male human Crusader
  • Saileine, a female asarlai Fighter
  • Stump, a forged man Druid
  • Tygon, a male giantkin Crusader
  • Zagloba, a male hin (halfling) Bard
The group consists mostly of players that had their first experiences in 3e or Pathfinder before joining the Onn game, in fact all but one player have never played anything older than 3e as far as I can remember.

We generated characters at the start of the session, something I like to do when there are new players learning the system and 2 players that are friends with one of the current players were invited to join us. Things went smoothly, there were normal questions during creation but everyone got done fairly quickly.

The gaming part of the session began with the PCs going about their normal lives, some of which knew each other, some did not. That all changed in a heartbeat as each was ripped from their own life and appeared near a dark elf summoner that commanded them to kill a strange-looking human who was chanting over a glowing pool of water filled with glowing motes of light. Two PCs made Ego saves and resisted the compulsion to follow the dark elf's orders. One, Rinvon, attacked the dark elf, while the rest made short work of the chanting human and subdued his giantkin bodyguard. The human though, didn't go quietly. On his death, all of his blood poured from his wounds and rose up, flowing into the pool of magical water. Magicalness things happened while the hin Fortune Hunter was checking a door to get out of the room.

PC introductions were made at this point. Some of the characters harvested the glowing, floating crystals from the pool, and discovered they were immune to Psychic power as well. The group decided to rest after some went outside and discovered there was the coppery tinge of blood mixed with sea salt in the air and the stars didn't align in any known patterns.

The Bard and Druid were standing on a small hill when the Bard turned and was face to face with a huge snout full of huge teeth. The Druid, frozen in shock and the Bard, sound of his wits but unable to move, watched as the creature lept into the night sky. The Bard, getting the best look, claimed to the group when they reported back it seemed to be made of wood (which he was ridiculed for).

The next day, the group followed the Druid to the source of the ocean sounds to the east. They found themselves standing on a cliff that extended as far as they could see to the northeast and south, and before them was a vast red-tinged sea.

They decided to return to the hill, but discovered the doors to the interior were gone, as if they never existed. After some discussion, they headed to the north into the savannah with the Bard playing a traveling song on his bagpipes. The session ended with the group coming within long distance sight of a keep or small castle off in the distance.

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