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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fighting-man Combat Option Clarification

I was asked this in a couple emails so I'll post it here for anyone curious enough to look and see. One of the Fighting-man Combat Options, Manyshot, allows more attacks with a missile weapon at the expense of accuracy.Since all have different rates of fire, it's been asked time and again how many can be made when one has a base RoF of 2, another 1/2, etc. So it's been clarified and made simpler:

·     Manyshot (select missile type) - You can make a bonus missile weapon attack each round with one type of missile launcher you are proficient with by hurrying your reload at the expense of accuracy. All of your attacks suffer a -2 penalty ‘to hit’ with the exception of the final attack you make in the round, that being made at a -4 penalty.

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