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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Other Class Options for Fighting-men

If a Fighting-man decides not to establish a stronghold at 9th level, he may opt to become a Druidic Knight, Knight, Paladin, or Warlock if he possess the requisite ability scores and meets any other requirements.

Druidic Knights are fighting-men that have an affinity for Nature and revere one of the Nature deities. To become a Druidic Knight, a fighting-man must possess a 13 Wisdom and 12 Constitution and be on good terms with a Druidic Circle or Ranger Order.

The character must approach the Circle or Order and make an offer of at least 10,000 gp and/or 2-5 permanent useful magic items given as a gift, they will train him to use the abilities of Wilderness Lore, Pass without Trace and Fast Movement. In addition they will teach him to use druidic orisons and cast 2/0/0 Druid spells per day as a 3rd level caster, but he cannot do so while wearing predominantly metal armor.

In exchange for this, the Druidic Knight swears fealty to the group and must assist its members in times of need. He can expect sanctuary at any place held or friendly to the group

Knights are travelling fighting-men that swear fealty to a nobleman, such as a Duke or Lord or even a King or Emperor. Knights travel the realms, upholding the Laws and undertaking quests for their liege. They spend large amounts of time participating in Tourneys as well, showcasing their martial skills against their equals for land and monetary prizes.

Due to the even more highly regimented martial training Knights receive, they gain 2 additional Combat Options and attack at +1 Attack Rank.

In exchange for the oath of allegiance, a Knight can expect sanctuary in any establishment in his liege’s region. The Knight is expected to provide shelter and comfort to other Knights of his liege as well. If a Call to Arms is made, the Knight is expected to make haste to his liege’s rally point and perform whatever duties his liege needs of him.

Knights may be granted baronies after a long service or particularly important quest and can found a stronghold at that time.

Paladins are Fighting-men dedicated to a non-nature deity. Similar to Divine Champions, Paladins are more militaristic and kick-in the door types who are trained to take action in the name of the Gods. If there is evil, a Paladin will surely be charged with ending its existence. To be a Paladin, a Fighting-man must have never performed an overtly evil act in his career. He must possess a Strength 12, Wisdom 13, Constitution 14 and Charisma 15.

The character must approach a religious order and make an offer of at least 10,000 gp and/or 2-5 permanent useful magic items given as a gift. If accepted, they will train him to use the abilities of Cure Light Wounds (as the spell) once per day and Cure Disease and Dispel Evil (as the spells) once per week each. In addition they will teach him to use clerical orisons and cast 2/0/0 Cleric spells per day as a 3rd level caster.

Warlocks are fighting-men that have some measure of arcane talent, but eschewed the path of the Magic-user for the more martial arts. Misunderstood as making pacts with demons or other dark powers for their arcane ability by most commoners that learn of their abilities, Warlocks are actually extremely willful warriors that are trained to reach out and harness their Ethereal fields and bend it to their martial skills. To be a Warlock, prospective Fighting-men must possess Strength 12, Intelligence 14 and Charisma 13.

The character must find a Magic-user or Magical College to learn the basics of spellcraft. In exchange for a gift of 5,000gp and 7-16 magical items in their search for arcane mastery, Warlocks are taught the ability of Prestidigitation and in the casting of 2/0/0 Magic-user spells per day as a 3rd level caster. Warlocks can cast their spells only while unarmored, or if they are wearing non-magical Light armor or any magical armor. In addition, they may fire a bolt of magical energy once per round that inflicts 1d6 + Charisma adjustment in magical damage and can imbue their shield with magical energy that absorbs pure magical damage attacks, such as magic missile spells.

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