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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Shao Disciple Combat Options

Originally, Shao Disciples were granted access to the Fighting-man's Combat Options. In a further design to make them more than 'poor man fighters', they have been given their own list of combat options, some from the familiar Fighting-man Options and some unique for the class.

Disciple Combat Options (4th level): The character can select one of the Combat Options listed below (similar to the Fighting-man Combat Options). At 8th, 12th and 16th levels an additional option may be taken.

· Cleaving Strike - If you kill a melee opponent of 1 HD or more, you can make an immediate free attack on another opponent within your melee reach, but no more than once per round.

· Combat Defense - You can voluntarily take a penalty on you ‘to hit’ rolls up to the value of your Bonus to Hit (pg XX, to a maximum of -4) and gain this penalty as a bonus to armor class until you decide to end the defensive stance.

· Critical Strike - You quickly determine weaknesses you can see in your opponent. You can score a critical hit on a natural roll of ‘19’ (if you can hit your opponent) and ‘20’.

· Disarm - The character can attempt to remove his opponent’s weapon from his grasp. If the character makes a successful attack no damage is inflicted. The victim must make a Dodge saving throw with half the attacker’s level applied as a penalty or his weapon falls 1d10 ft distant.

· Deflect Magical Missiles (12th+ Level) - The character can us one of his Ki Strikes to enable his Deflect Missiles ability to deflect any ranged spell attack that requires a ‘to hit’ roll for 4 rounds. The saving throw also applies the spell’s level as a penalty.

· Eagle Claw – When fighting unarmed, you add your Wisdom adjustment to damage as well as Strength.

· Flying Kick - When fighting unarmed and charging, you deal an extra 1d6 points of damage with your unarmed attack.

· Grenadier - When using grenade-like weapons you lessen all range penalties by 2.

· Holding the Line - If an opponent charges and moves through your attack area, your free attack will halt their charge if it is successful and they fail a Toughness saving throw.

· Ki Blast - The character uses one of his Ki Strikes for the day to fire a blast of life energy with the same range as a sling. Damage inflicted is equal to unarmed strike dice.

· Kiai Shout – instead of attacking, you can focus your Ki once per encounter and make a war cry that will make 1d3 of your closest opponents flee for 1d8 rounds if they fail an Ego saving throw.

· Manyshot - You can make a bonus missile weapon attack each round by hurrying your reload at the expense of accuracy. Your regular attacks suffer a -2 penalty ‘to hit’ and the bonus attack suffers a -4.

· Melee Archer - When throwing or firing a missile weapon while in melee combat, the character does not generate a free attack from his melee opponent(s).

· Monkey Grip – You are trained in a unique grip that allows you to wield two-handed weapons (except pole-arms) as one-handed weapons in your primary hand. Attacking in this fashion carries a –2 penalty on all ‘to hit’ rolls made with the weapon.

· Mounted Archery - You are proficient in fighting from horseback, moving wagons or chariots with missile weapons and do not suffer penalties for unstable conditions.

· Mounted Combat - You are proficient in fighting from horseback, moving wagons or chariots with melee weapons other than the spear or lance and do not suffer penalties for unstable conditions.

· Pugilist - The character does +1 point of damage when striking with his bare hands or feet. He is considered wielding an allowed off-hand weapon and to have the Two-weapon Fighting ability while fighting unarmed.

· Sharp Shooting - When firing a missile weapon into melee combat, the character halves any chance to hit blocking melee combatants.

· Single Weapon Style - Fighting with a one-handed weapon and nothing in your off-hand, grants you a +1 bonus to Dodge saving throws and a -1[+1] bonus to your armor class.

· Skewering Strike (8th+ Level) - If attacking with a lance, pole-arm, spear or trident any critical hits you make also strikes the creature in the 2nd rank behind your foe for normal damage.

· Smash (12th+ Level) - If you only make a single melee attack in a round at a -4 penalty, you add half your Strength score to your damage.

· Spear Maneuvers - When fighting with a spear the character can reach the 2nd rank while fighting 1-handed. The character may set a spear or trident against a charging opponent and if the character hits (attack roll required) he inflicts double damage to the charging opponent.

· Wrestler - When using wrestling to attack, you gain a +2 bonus to your ‘to hit’ rolls.

· Zen Archery - The character applies wither his Dexterity or his Wisdom adjustment on ‘to hit’ rolls with missile weapons, whichever is greater.

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