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Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Campaign 2014 Update

We've been playing 11 session now into the new campaign. The players had some hairy encounters with Proud, Spider-eye Goblins and Quill Wolves (along with a group of kobolds and Ogres) before finally getting to the city of...Mithril. After a few sessions of the Druid generating heat every time he cast a spell, the stars not making any familiar alignments and all these weird creatures no one could identify, I let the group find some civilization and let the players really know where they were...the Scarred Lands!

Early in I used 2 former PCs from my previous campaign, Massit and Durok (2 dwarves from different points of that campaign) as 'adventuring patrons'. They gave the party the glorious task of sweeping the sewers for them (something that needs done every so often or creatures from the Blood Sea would have an easy time overrunning the city from underneath).

The party got to explore the first 5 areas of the sewers, owing the fact that green slimes, blood-vipers, a blood-cube, a gnoll warband, sewer gators and a band of thugs with some nefarious plan for the docktown potion of the city all had an issue with adventurers being down there.

I'm shocked that despite heavy damage, there were only 3 NPC losses.

The characters range from a mad gnome Psychic, to a Forged Man Druid, to a boisterious Halfling Bard, to a just on the right side of the line kelptomaniac Halfling Fortune Hunter, to 2 very devout Crusaders and 2 very kick ass Fighting-women. I love these guys and girls because they keep me entertained while I'm trying to do the same for them.

We spent alot of time hacking and slashing and a whole session doing RP as they learned about where they are exactly and what's been going on. There's been some weirdness too (the Bard's named a new instrument and his war puppy was killed, but not...that one got left unresolved so far...grins evilly).

Session 12 and beyond I handed off to another player/referee for the time being as life and work reared their ugly faces in my gaming. Fortunately I'll be able to play since I can show up later in the evening though. I can't wait to play with everyone on the other side of the screen.

Have fun and keep gaming!

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Tim Baker said...

Hi James,

I just came across your blog, which was linked to from the Swords & Wizardry blog. Are you still developing the World of Onn? Did Supplement II ever get released?