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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Dr. J.E. Holmes, RIP (1930-2010)

A couple of months ago, rumors that Dr. J. Eric Holmes, editor of the 1977 Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set, had died. No one I talk to on a regular basis could confirm this as fact. Allan Grohe did so yesterday in a post on Dragonsfoot Forums, where he relayed information he'd received from Dr. Holmes' wife about his passing. According to Allan's information, Dr. Holmes died on March 20 as the result of a stroke (not his first). He had been of ill health for some time, being unable to attend at least one convention where he was to be featured as a guest of honor because of a previous stroke.

Another icon of the early days of gaming and one of the shapers of my own gaming experiences early in the 'old days' has moved on to the next table. Copies of his 'Blue Book' sit proudly on my shelf, alongside works by Gary, Dave, MAR Barker and other giants that helped shape the way I share my game and introduced me to the good friends I've met and made over the years thanks to this game.
Rest well gentleman and never be forgotten.

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